Thursday, 4 September 2014

ITechLaw, Interim Injunctions and TRUST's M&A Seminar Date Confirmed

Greetings, I have some really exciting news to share with you today.

As the recently elected Co-Chair of ITechLaw's IP Committee, a worldwide organization representing lawyers and other professionals in the technology sector, we gathering together our troops and planning activities for this autumn term. For this purpose, we would appreciate suggestions for topics that you might consider interesting or relevant, and our Committee will organize our program so that we will arrange webinars and telephone conferences on these themes on a monthly basis.

The organization's global membership spans six continents and embodies a spectrum of expertise abroad making this a very unique opportunity to exchange ideas with some of the brightest minds in the field of technology and IP law. Also speaker opportunities are available for those of you who might be interested, please let us know if this is something you could do!

As regards some other issues, we were asked to write an expert commentary to the distinguished World Intellectual Property Review's (WIPR) Life Science News Letter on a recent decision of the District Court of Helsinki (Decision of the District Court of Helsinki L 10/6838, June 4, 2014) regarding a rare decision on damages for unnecessary interim injunctions. The lessons of this case are generally applicable to all interim injunction cases, while the case itself regarded a field belonging to one of our main expertise areas, namely, patent litigation and pharmaceutics. This case constitutes a strong reminder of the fact that there is a real and considerable risk related to unnecessarily sought interim injunctions, and we have also  taken this into account when planning litigation strategies. The article can be found behind the below link, please let us know what you think!

To read article click here

Finally, our autumn's seminar will focus on M&A and be organized only after ITechLaw's meeting in Paris and IBA's conference in Tokyo, so exceptionally in November, on 12 November 2014 to be exact. Please save the date already!

Have a wonderful beginning for the autumn!


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