Friday, 4 July 2014

TRUST on IP Litigation - Most Interesting IP Cases from Spring 2014

Dear All,

I am almost on vacation, but before that I though that I write a post to wrap up some interesting IP cases from this spring. I have tried to outline in the update both practical advise and some theory from IP and technology litigations which I think might be relevant for companies operating in the Nordic region. This is not an exhaustive list of cases by any means, but just some cases which caught my attention and containing all my favourite field from IT to cleantech or energy and further to pharmaceutics.

Otherwise, we have had a splendid spring at TRUST so far. I have earlier said that our focus at TRUST. is actually more on the transactional side, which is partly true, but now when we have done IT disputes, corporate disputes and now we have two patent litigations in the pipeline commencing possibly next autumn, we must reconsider whether this was a very accurate statement in the first place. As a famous Finnish politician said, “I think I was wrong but then it turned out to be an error”. At the end of the day, these are the core sectors that we are passionate about—and litigations are the best possible “legal duels” left in our modern society and so this time we focus slightly more on litigations and disputes.

So as a summary, Hi hotel –case is about copyrights and jurisdictional matters, Svensson – case is about linking, Blomqvist vs Rolex focuses on brand protection and counterfeiting in online environment, followed by two recent patent-related interim injunction cases involving Neste vs UPM and Ranbaxy vs Pfizer, and finally we talk about data protection in light of Google decision and “the right to be forgotten”. We also have a practical drafting sector and this time we talk about one relevant theme in IT agreements which I think all customers should consider in their procurement policies and of which we have heavily negotiated this spring in connection with some business-critical ERP projects. Hope you enjoy reading this!

Pleasant and relaxing summer vacation to everyone!



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