Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Invitation to Spring's Top Event on M&A, IP and Corporate Law 15.4.2014

Hi everyone,

I have been very busy during the last few weeks or month actually, and I have slightly scaled down my article activity and blog postings. The situation is improving, however, as a new section of our M&A series is being edited and most likely we will be published next week. There we focus on definitions and key drafting and negotiations points so I think it will definitely be worth reading!

What we have been doing and what has taken our time from social media is that we have had some interesting transactions lately from wide variety of sectors from IT to telecom and finally to forestry. What has been a pleasure to notice is that while many of out previous deals have had a divestment or outsourcing angle (typically involving some IP as opposed to, say, pure HR angle), this spring has brought us also buyer-side deals. So there seem to be more confidence in the markets in this respect so that is a good piece of news. Also our partner Mika has been active doing and planning bond issues and that is of course not all what we have been doing, but we have also arranged a seminar for all of you to enjoy!

More detailed program can be found from here and please note, registration time is ending soon:

What we have had in mind is that we could talk a bit about valuations of IP, what issues investors should focus on if they are investing in IP-driven companies and for banks, can IP really be used as a security? In many cases there is a requirement that "your company should own IP rights but is it really so?". This topic is introduced to us by Erkki Yli-Juuti, a business-driven IP professional behind some of the largest deal in Finland from Nokia, Broadcom, Renesas Mobile and to our information soon SSH. This theme will be followed by Juha Karttunen, a managing director of Sisu Partners and the leading Finnish investment banker who will share his experiences on M&A process leadership. He will guide us through the difficult procedural steps from valuations to targets selection and documentation, "must here" - speech even for all us M&A activists.

Our own lawyer and latest recruit Kiira Lehtonen will provide an update cyber law and data protection matters and where we are with the latest Commission proposals. It might be too early but Shareholders' Rights Directive is coming and if it will be published I will promise that we have it in our agenda!

Hope to see as many of you there as possible and see you then!



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